What is Aqua Fit Fro?

Aqua Fit Pro is a fitness company revolutionizing the world of aqua fitness.

Aqua Fit Cycling

We have created uniquely tailored classes with excellent teachers to give you a thorough aquatic cardiovascular workout mixing the benefits of a cycling session with the well being of water fitness exercises.
Aqua Fit Cycling is a fun, stress free way of losing weight and getting massive training at the same time.



Breaking the general “aqua exercise perception” we have designed a unique class structure which will give out a workout not only suitable for everyone but also challenging to anyone, no matter what their age or their fitness level.

first timer

Interested in trying out Aqua Fit Cycling?
We offer 50% for anyone who would like to try it for the first time.
Simply select “First timer” in our Prepaid Pack.


We love treating our members and loyal customers. That’s why every month we offer new promotional deal.
Simply visit our Promo page to see our latest deal.

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