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What the squids can tell…

Muscle don’t matter.


Pedal into your dream shape

From the latest European exercise craze, “Aqua spinning“, comes another revolutionary aqua fitness program that promises an intense underwater workout !

Aqua Fit Spin is an underwater cycling workout that incorporates a series of core and arm strengthening activities to give you a high intensity workout, very similar to indoor cycling.
The exercise balances low impact and high resistance providing a deeper muscle work out without the risk of pain or injury.

Since the water supports your body weight and keeps your body temperature down, there is no impact on your joints, meaning no aches and pains post workout and no recovery time.

Aqua spinning” is the ideal body workout that will help you transform no matter which fitness level you start at. Whats more , is that it comes with a stress free environment – and we are not just talking about your muscle.

What about Aqua Fit Pro


Aqua Fit Pro is a London based company providing the latest trends in Aqua Sports fitness. Read more

Set yourself apart


Let Aqua Fit Pro experts give you skinny on why Aqua Fit Spin is the ultimate workout for you. Challenge yourself

Get started


Aqua Fit Pro offers flexible price packages. Book now and get yourself ready to pedal into your dream shape. Try us now

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